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About Us

Because No Great Story Ever Started With Eating A Salad.

My name is Miriam, I am a mother of three beautiful children who decided that I could make Pinterest ideas really come to life!

I have worked in the service industry literally as long as I can remember! From entertaining strangers in our home to dine with a plain community family to working at the beside of the sick and aging, I have always yearned for entertaining from behind a bar. Seven years ago, I decided to go to bartending school where I learned what it really means to be a mixologist!

Event bartending is a very different ambiance than the dive bar we’ve all been to!

Fast forward a few years: I decided it was time to spread my wings and start traveling for bar service.

Horses have been in our family for three generations so of course converting a horse trailer into a bar was a no brainer!!!

With a little bit a research, a lot of cedar wood, nails and copper paint, our mobile horse trailer bar was born!

This journey of starting a business has been a blessing in disguise! Each event booked helps provide a future to our future generations!

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